Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recommended by the Linda Tellington-Jones

"I'm not surprised that it’s so remarkable for horses!"

E3Live FOR HORSES Recommended by the Linda Tellington-Jones

“I am convinced that the freshwater blue-green algae I have been taking for more than 20 years has contributed to the boundless energy I have as I travel around the world teaching. I’m thrilled with ‘E3 Live™,’ and I feel it’s an important part of my energy source and cellular health. I have trusted friends who are giving their horses E3 Live™For Horses and have reported that the results are incredible; the hoof material is stronger and more consistent, the animal’s overall health has improved, and several even had some serious hoof problems literally go away after feeding ‘E3 Live™For Horses ’.  By the way, the horse product is the same quality as the human product, which says a lot about this company. Knowing how I respond to this all-organic product, I’m not surprised that it’s so remarkable for horses! This freshwater blue-green algae product promotes overall health at such a critical cellular level — I would definitely recommend it for all horses.”

Watch a video about E3Live FOR HORSES being recommended by the Linda Tellington-Jones

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