Saturday, March 30, 2013

About White Line Disease in Horse Hooves

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We received an email asking us about White Line Disease.

Please advice on what you suggest for a severe case white line?? My 7 year old mare ha it constantly even tho I take extremely good care of her in all ways espcially her hooves.regular farrier visits , daily cleaning, Dumor farriers formula added to feed daily. Im at a  lose on what to do Thank you in advance.

Our reply:

  Great question; and one for which we have a good answer.Our product has turned around white line problems for many of our customers. The most notable is the RFD TV Behaviorist Ryan Gingrich.  Please review the You Tube video interview with Ryan, listed below.
  I cannot tell you what to feed or not to feed but; I can tell you that if it were my horse, I would feed
a loading regiment (1 tablespoon twice/day) of The Perfect Horse® (E3 AFA™ FOR HORSES) and a good quality grass hay, and nothing else. The problem with formulated products are that they are not absorbed by the animal before they are passed through the digestive process.  

  The Perfect Horse® is already in micronutrient form, is 97%  assimilated, and is only grams of food/day. Plus, it is 100% guaranteed up to a years supply.  Don’t forget to start feeding slowly (the first week -1 tsp twice/day).  Our 460 gram bottle will last a horse nine months at a maintenance feeding and approx. three months for your loading regiment. When you see the results that you are after you can decrease to the maintenance feeding.
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