Thursday, June 27, 2013

Which Product Is Best For My Horse? E3 Live FOR HORSES - E3 AFA FOR HORSES

THE PERFECT HORSE® comes in two forms, both guaranteed for purity and results:

•   E3 Live ™ FOR HORSES is the raw product, micro-filtered fresh water blue green algae, with the sea minerals added. It is the only fresh frozen algae that have been developed for horses, by horse professionals. This product is available for those customers who value raw food for their horses, and we recommend that horse owners begin with this product anytime they are facing a challenge such as; White line disease, Laminitis, Shelly feet, or poor general health. It comes with a minimum order of six bottles.  The horse care provider would defrost one bottle at a time and keep the others frozen until needed.

•   E3 AFA™ FOR HORSES is the same micro-filtered fresh water blue green algae, with the sea minerals added. This product is hydro-dried to a light flake, a process which safeguards AFA’s nutrients, thereby presenting a form that, when a small amount of water is added, will stick to hay or pellets or most formulated feeds.  A teaspoon serving, twice / day, is a recommended minimum feeding that is quite affordable when you consider it is 97% absorbed, unlike formulations that pass through much of the nutrients.  A pound of E3AFA™ FOR HORSES is the most economical way to buy, and will last a horse 9 months at minimum suggested feeding. It also comes in 150gm and 50gm sizes.

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